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Aube Noir

by Orob

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Heraldofthesun thumbnail
Heraldofthesun Une esthétique sombre et élégante, une composition subtile, des harmonies surprenantes, une voix assez unique et naturellement polyvalente, le tout porté par une production agréable et équilibrée. Bravo pour ce travail. Impossible de choisir un titre préféré entre Betula, The Wanderer et The Great Fall qui sont selon moi les points culminants de l'album sur un plan émotionnel.
bmurator thumbnail
bmurator French Progressive Black / Post-Metal. Ah the Black Dawn has come & is out to get you & will never let you go! Some truly fantastic melodies to be found here as well as impressive vocals, both clean and non. It is their debut full length & it holds enormous promise for the future & I look forward to it! No faves! Highly recommended!!!
ahasverus-cornelius thumbnail
ahasverus-cornelius Une fresque musicale virevoltante, à placer entre un SUP et un GOJIRA, bref, sur l'étagère où l'on range ces albums qu'on écoute d'une traite sans s'ennuyer jamais. Favorite track: Betula.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) thumbnail
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Highly atmospheric fusion of black metal and progressive very much recommended for fans of Enslaved. The harsh vocals straight up sound like Grutle and the riffs call back to the Isa-era. Stunning.
- MetalTrenches.com Favorite track: Astral.
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Spektraal 08:00
The Elders have seen the clouds looming They told their sons and daughters to run and hide on the hills Never your hearts shall turn back to the see I greet the newborn with an iron tainted smile For deep In my heart I mourn, foreseeing what is to come I crossed the Neptune’s torch, reached the caverns of sleep We were all thrown back to the shore, empty souls adrift Spectral is my ship Empty is my soul We believe no more on the great gods, and nor do they believe in us Voracious is our appetite, we swallowed the skies they once used to sit upon The mooring ropes are cut, the caverns of Ulu are full I turned to be the herald of the new dawn, stars falling into a raging ocean And so they left their houses taking women and children Braving their serment to the old And when they reached the highest mount They saw what the elders have seen Heavy is the grief upon the fragile heart of men And these people loved upon all the sight of the sea Would you grow old knowing you will never see stars again Without hearing the gulls and waves And from your treason you'll witness the birth of an age And time and land shall be erased The spear of destiny shall take you to the bottom of the oceans And drown your soul In olden days I was a man who chose exile To follow the mists of my questions And a fire consumed me, burning brighter as my path lengthened Now the fire is dead and my heart turns empty
Astral 05:44
It was a clear summer night Sheets, hearse in the pale light of stars From the open window I remember the smell of the fields, summer flowers, heady Uncalm is the realm of the giants I need room to reminisce or invent And that’s, that’s all I could see Yet the dazzling void of my existence has cleared up This night, sitting in the corner of her room, Watching her dream, numb contemplation Then I ascended and felt a glittering bliss And then I burnt and burnt without any suffering I was becoming the comet at the behest of some superior will Fragmented glimpses of what I was or could have been Thin is the air, so are the spaces, souvenir Of a spring eyed face, the memory of a tranquil breath Reluctant protagonist of the cosmic tide I am Stepping into the breach of a time I can’t control Setting the cosmos balance in precarious conditions for a single glance A single selfish moment of grace Have you ever witnessed the anger of a star ? Trapped in a curse that outweigh earthlings conceptions Since I remember I wish I was born a man again Made from mud and rotting flesh, yet I am not The story I tell is one of vengeance, for my life was stolen And soon will be yours I dug the void between the planets to see her dreaming again And found nothing So will I do until my path reach you all again O pilgrim, I’m returning, gather your brothers
Unsilent is the realm of the phantasmal brethren Here in the center of the ground An assembly of ghosts whispering to the seedlings, smiling at their games Here the fire burns round Beacons – have been scattered Silence and sound overlapped You destroyed – Breaker of the bonds Silence and sound overlapped A vivid light, the warmth of a fire A fragile offering, a conscious eye guiding a caring hand Uninvolved in the subtle tectonics that defines the world we travel in Beacons, have been scattered Silence and sound now divide You've destroyed, the fire has escaped Never, never, never to come back
Betula 06:29
So alone and majestic Against wind, against snow A towering flame You traveled so long, so far, braved the waters of Ohr And crossed the Neptune’s Torch A wanderer, forever lost you are A life of renouncement, of clarity So alone, silent receiver Fragile king of the distant spheres, you suffer and endure Telling us what wisdom should be There’s not a river you don’t know, nor a kingdom, nor a mountain And yet you never asked for power, women or gold I want to know your purpose, to grow wiser within your light Tell me I know that I don’t know, and so should you I have no purpose, nor meaning, and so do you We are and will be nothing Follow me I’ll teach you
The Wanderer 07:51
These barren, these barren lands I walked so long, too long I witnessed the breaking seasons, and mourned Ashes covered in snow My fate was to wander Floating into a grey eternity Retrieve the sword from the abstract box Quench the blade into the fountain before you cut the rope Breaking my bones with stone jaws the cosmic wolves drag my body along the skyline Turned from human flesh to dust, will I fly with the wind? I become the mountain Take my eyes as a retribution and see what lies beyond Open the chest of my secret, what is numb might feel again My legs are broken Stooped is my back for having carried too long its weight You chose to follow me I'll pass down the ashes to you So fire can be born again Yet my fate shall be complete And I'll rest in silence And the fire shall burn
Noir 02:52
Aube 05:55
This the of time of a new day, of a brighter day to come This a time for revelations, for a change in the ever pulsing tide Brun the old drawn lines, there's no such things as destiny This is comfort that you seek in the birchwood chapel Gather, gather round my friends, I'll tell you my secret We have the power to shape our lives, to outrange what has been done before From the ground turn your face t'wards the sky, forget the the old ways We're all too human Bound to rot Let it burn, let your vision burn and guide you, through fear Through questions, we must go beyond The veil of flesh, I refuse to rot, nameless The veil of flesh, burn the birchwood chapel The dawn I designed, is deathless To create we must choose new rules To comprehend we must break To build we must destroy To see beyond we must level the mountains The compass as a beacon towards light The hammer as the weapon and the tool Will you follow me, I'm willing to share my secrets And if we fail, and if black smoke spoils the skies We'll wait for the return of the sun
Ethereal 04:55
A fragile gift in fragile hands, inherited And then it will fade to the west, with us Ethereal It is lost, yet unveiled, to those who can see It's a stream and a flame, here and beyond Precious Ethereal I need to know, I need to know What lies beyond the red of the sun, of the blood Before the breeze subside Before the stars have fallen Before my bones are gone into the ground I can't bear, this ignorance This suffering, the vanity of the shelter I borrowed I hate my kind, and the weakness of the flesh An irony dawn I see, deathless I will scatter the flame of truth Open the eyes of the miscreants For in every heart, in every house, my vision shall be known and revered I am the augury of progress and as an rotten world fades I'll be the bringer of a new bright dawn
It echoed against the mountains Water and thunder, might and grace of the oceans Breached, gutted, giants rising from their bottoms Ageless memories of distant realms, only told by the old and the mad This inevitable conclusion, all the stories when they end are a fall Tell me, tell me again, the words of the great fall So they can be the crucible of my own Facing the fire of a hammer-built truth Breaking the layers of thoughts Parallel mirrors of endless patterns Seamless, like untouched snow Reflecting existences shattered The time will come to set it all anew I search for an opening Trying to see a convergence in the lines Corrupted soul isn't among the gods, or whatever you call them Devouring jealousy is but the matter of man Tell me a story! Veil of corruption, over perception Is the story constructed? Or generated at random in the starless void It is time to choose, what do we want to be As I woke up, I saw the grey barren lands There were no forests, nor houses But empty roads and a sky filled with columns of smoke And dead factories, their empty halls resonating from the gears and furnaces Of a past industrious glory If a seed ever grow again in this place It shall be crushed with the hammer of progress For a man will survive and start over And its only purpose, is to drown itself in the dazzling reflection Of a lifeless metal dawn I laid my breath amongst the roots Put my eyes in a chest, threw my ears at the ocean, I am old The chants are gone, smothered by new echoes of the city They buried me under the mountain, yet in my sleep I am laughing


released December 14, 2021

Aube Noir was written by Orob between 2014 and 2016
Recorded by Dismalsound Studio in 2017 in Albi, France
Mixed and masterized by Laurent Bringer in 2017
Artwork by Romane "Lucilledraws" Garcia
Logo by Dimitri "Dmeat" Engman
Additional vocals by Julie Docteur on "Ethereal" and "The Great Fall"

On this album, Orob is :
Pierre-Henry Boivert Foresto
Olivier Molina
Thomas Luke Garcia
Yoan Tameriout
Andrea Tanzi-Albi


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Orob France

Progressive black metal band from Toulouse, France.

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